Restricted Substances

Federal-Mogul Motorparts Restricted Substances

Federal-Mogul Motorparts Restricted Substance Management Standard (RSMS)

In order to help ensure that Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation and customers using our parts and components fully meet applicable legal and customer standards regarding toxic materials used in our products and theirs, we are issuing this Standard. The products we produce come largely from materials you supply to us. Therefore, this Standard seeks to inform you of the materials we must exclude from our products altogether and the limits we have on the amount of certain other materials, because of environmental and related concerns.

Federal-Mogul's standard originally took place on April 1, 2004. The latest version is effective February 28, 2013. Federal-Mogul Motorparts will modify or clarify our standard on an annual basis.

If you are currently shipping to us materials that contain substances banned by this standard, or amounts of substances that exceed concentration or weight limits specified in the standard, please notify us as soon as possible, via email to

Please specify whether you believe you will be able to eliminate or sufficiently reduce such materials so that you can comply with the Standard If you indicate not, we will contact you to discuss how we can mutually resolve the situation. Those who do not file any verification, or who do not indicate that they have an effective plan in place to meet the Standard very promptly, are subject to termination as suppliers.

For some products and/or toxic materials, Federal-Mogul Motorparts may determine that all or particular suppliers will need to perform — and send to us the results of — periodic tests on product content. This could apply, for example, to certain cases of minerals that may be subject to natural contamination by a banned or limited toxic substance.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts will contact affected suppliers as and when such requirements may be needed. Except where Federal-Mogul Motorparts has specified testing requirements and procedures, it expects that the statements made by its suppliers will be based on good faith, expert judgment and/or testing that the supplier is already doing or has done.

If you have any questions or comments on this Standard, please contact Federal-Mogul Motorparts Supply Chain at or your Supply Chain representative.

  • Restricted Substances Manual
  • Restricted Substance Material Certification Agreement Form

Upon review of the Restricted Substance Material Standard Manual, please sign, scan and send form back to your FMMP Purchasing Commodity Manager/Buyer.